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Christina May is a UK-based white label soap suppliers with over twenty years expertise in the manufacture of hard bar soap. Our speciality is manufacturing premium triple-refined soap products for clients based on traditional methods and formulations married with cutting edge technology.

We currently produce over 4 million soap bars a year, therefore making us one of the largest UK soap manufacturers.  We have a diverse client base of both domestic and international clients. Our manufactured soaps are supplied in major UK and international retailers, hotel and gift suppliers and for our retail trading company The English Soap Company.

Our manufacturing expertise combined with the quality of our product ensures we can produce quality soap bars that are in line with your brand aspirations.

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Family Business of the Year Award

Family Business of the Year
2022 South East Winner

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Environmental/ Sustainability Award
2022 South East Finalist

Rural Innovation Winner
2021 Winner

Director of the Year
2020 Winner

Made in the South East Award

Sustainable & Ethical Manufacturer
2020 Winner

Made in the South East Award

Export Award
2020 Winner

International Business of the Year
2020 Winner

Family Business of the Year
2020 Shortlisted

International Business Woman
2019 Winner

Export Business of the Year
2019 Winner