Contract Soap Manufacturing from the UK’s premium soap producer.

We manufacture soap for export throughout the world and contract manufacture soap to your own fragrance and shape specifications under your own brand name.

Starting from a minimum order of just 10,000 soap bars your soap can be made in any of our large range of in-house moulds which can be easily customised to incorporate your own name and brand logo. We manufacture soap ranging from 100g to 260g in a moulded bar. We can also offer a 100g-190g in a rustic cut soap block.

We can manufacture soaps to your exact fragrance and essential oil requirements. If you already have a fragrance that you use in your existing product range and are looking to expand it into soap we will help you make this a reality. If you are looking for an entirely new soap shape we will work with you on making that happen.

We also stock an extensive range of over 30 in-house fragrances and essential oil blends that can be used in your soap. This is a great option if you are concerned about minimum order quantities on fragrance or simply want to ease your products’ path to market.

For new products Christina May can advise on all aspects of the soap making process from initial formulation, perfuming, molding through to the final packaging of the product.

Once your soap has been made we are able to supply your soap either unwrapped or fully packaged and store ready to your specifications.

We work very closely with packaging, fragrance & molding suppliers who together can help you realise your market aspirations.

If you are looking for hundreds rather than thousands of bars you will find our private label soap option ideally matched to your requirements.

How it Works


From your initial enquiry we can advise on all aspects of product development.


Choose from either one of our own  stock fragrances or your own.


Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes or have your own unique shape.


We can supply your soap wrapped or unwrapped depending on your requirements.


Your soap is now ready for the market.