branded-soapCreate your own private label soap brand with our off the shelf 190g soap stock bars available in over 30 fragrances. The moulded 190g rectangle pure vegetable soap bar from Christina May is just perfect for your own and private label application.

Using our off the shelf soap bars, the minimum order for any one fragrance starts from 1024 units. If you are worried about committing to high minimum order quantities or simply want to build your brand cautiously this is the perfect way to start. We can also accommodate for orders going into the tens of thousands of soap bars and beyond though contract manufacturing.

We have over 30 fragrances of soap ready for your private label soap brand. These soaps includes floral, fruity, fine fragrance, therapeutic, seasonal, feminine, masculine and many specialist scents.

Your private label soaps can either be sent wrapped or unwrapped. Our in house packaging department can incorporate you packaging style around your soap. All packaging will need to be free issued, to which we can provide the contact details of our recommended suppliers.

If you want to go for increased customisation and larger order quantities you will find our soap contract manufacturing facility ideal to your requirements.

Please contact us with any queries and questions, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

How it Works


Choose from our wide selection of floral and fine fragrances


Standard 190g rectangular soap bar


We can supply your soap wrapped or unwrapped depending on your requirements.


Our standard Embossment ‘Pure Vegetable Soap Made in England’


Your soap is now ready for the market.

Please feel free to contact us for more information